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Yummy, recipes.

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Welcome to the childfree recipe community.

We're here to share recipes with each other.

Our favorite dishes with fellow childfree cooks and bakers.

If you have a recipe you love to share, please feel free to share, even if you are a parent but respects us not to tell us how good it is to cook for kids, come share your recipes with us, who knows you may find a recipe that your SO will love.

A few rules to be stated.

1. No bingoing any member, your post might be removed.

2. Leave all comments open.

3. Recipes belong to the poster so if you write the recipe down to try it, please credit the poster as the creator of that recipe.

4. No flame wars about the foods that are in the recipe.

5. Enjoy sharing your recipes with those who like to cook.

6. Trolls will be fed to my pet dragon Kaven, as he likes them BBQed over his flames.

So if you like to join feel free and start sharing your favorite recipes with the community.